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Oscar Hellqvist Actor

Oscar Hellqvist is a freelance actor and musical artist….

Year: 2015

Services provided:
Design and production of responsive WordPress website
Development visual identity
Editing and structure of content
Set up and integration of services like hosting, social media, google features…
WordPress instructions
Site updates and maintenance

Graphic design:

Annika and I have been working together for a couple of years now and it has turned out extremely well. When I introduced my vague ideas I had for how I wanted my website to look, Annika quickly understood it and started working immediately. Already the same day she came with a prototype that had the ideas I had but also a lot of other things that I liked. She quickly understood my goals with the page and how she would use my ideas as a good base to further develop into something even better. I receive constantly comments from colleagues and people in the culture sector that my website is very nice, clear and it’s easy to find what you looking for. When I need to update something that I can’t manage myeself or when I want to change something on the website, Annika is always very quick to answer and the website changes improve the site all the time.
Oscar Hellqvist

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