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To make a correct estimation of the work and cost I need to receive from you an idea of what you want.

  • A list of content can be a list of for instance pages/headlines.
  • How many languages should the website have?
  • Is it an “ordinary” website or are you going to have a webshop, e-learning…
  • Functions you want like mail series, gallery, forms…
  • Do you provide text and photos?
  • Do you have a logotype or you want me to produce one for you?
  • If you want me to set up services like hosting, domain, payment or security systems, email provider, social media, Google features…


To get started

When we agreed I send some questions in order to get an overall picture of your wishes, taste, preferences, and needs. If you already have a logotype, profile, business concept, text or/and photos I want you to send them to me.
It’s important to already now register a domain and set up hosting if you don’t already have one, because otherwise, it may delay the process. I can help you with this or if you prefer to do it yourself.


Business concept

The process of developing a website has many different parts where the base is your business concept and the service/product/message you want to present. Furthermore, the target group you want to reach, what policy your company has etc. Developing a website is a development of your business. With my knowledge and experience, I can be helpful to highlight your business and clarify your message if you not have done it already.



I design a layout proposals (in form of a first page) based on your preference on colors, look, what you want to convey etc. We discuss and make changes if needed until you are satisfied with the layout.


Structure & Presentation

Once I have approval from you and I have material for the website I can start my work. I go through, analyze and compile the material and send you a proposal for the structure of the website which is user-friendly. I also suggest how you can define and develop your business in the Internet presentation.



I start to create the website and you will be able to follow the work, give feedback and make adjustments during the process. I build responsive design (work on different devices like laptop, smartphone, tablet etc.) and also I include SEO (search engine optimization) during the work.


Testing & Launching

When the website is ready I will test it and then after the final approval from you, I put it live. Furthermore, I will make instructions for you in a PDF format on how to administrate the site if you decide to do it yourself.


Delivery of the completed website will take approximately 3-4 weeks depending on the size, technology etc. you want. Of course, it also depends on whether I get all the material and feedback from you in time during the work.

Maintenance of the website

A website needs to be updated on a regular basis as technology advances all the time, and if you do not, the website may crash. Generally, they say that you need to rebuild a website every 3-4 years due to technical developments. Some of my clients manage these themselves but some prefer me to do it. If you prefer me to help you we agree on something that suits your needs.

Domain and hosting

I can help you with the registration of domain and hosting or maybe you prefer to do it yourself. Regardless, it is important that this is done from the beginning so it doesn’t delay the process in the end.

Get a qoute

Kindly fill in the form below to the best of your ability. Skip any questions that you can’t answer or not fit with your project. I will review and respond as soon as possible. Thanks for your interest in working with me.

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