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Camilla Lebert Hirvi

Camilla Lebert Hirvi is life designer, couples therapist, business coach and digital nomad. She offers e-learning, webinar, courses, travels, coaching…

Year: 2015

Services provided:
Design and production of responsive WordPress website with e-courses
Development visual identity and e-learning
Editing and structure of content
Design and production of email marketing
Set up and integration of service like hosting, social media, google features, affiliate program, Aweber, PayPal, S2Member…
Wordpress instructions
Site updates and maintenance
Support e-learning

Graphic design:
Profile images
Pdf files for e-courses
Design of Certificates

Annika is such a wonderful partner to work with. She has a sense of details and also for the whole picture. She has made my web-site and helped me with numerous IT-projects over the years we have been working together. She always answers very quickly and if the question I ask is something that is out of her knowledge she immediately finds the correct facts and gives suggestions. Thanks to her and my other assistent I have been able to grow my one-person business to a much higher level. I can always trust her and her fees are also very good. I can really recommend her to any IT-work, building of home pages or anything else you need.
Camilla Lebert Hirvi

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