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Tarsanas Taverna Syros

The taverna is situated on Syros island in Greece. A place suited to all tastes in the middle of the shipyard bearing the flavors of wood and sea accompanied by traditional Greek dishes, fresh fish, meat and vegetarian dishes... The business is closed since December 2017.

Year: 2015

Web services provided:
Design and production of responsive WordPress website in 2 languages
Development of profile, business concept and visual identity
Written, edited and structured content
Set up and integration of service like hosting, social media, google features, MailChimp, TripAdvisor…
WordPress instructions
Set up social media pages + social media campaigns
Manage site updates and maintenance, facebook, advertisment, poster…

Graphic design:
Business cards
Banners & Posters
News letters
Templates for business letter, invoice etc.

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Logotype Design anweb Tarsanas Taverna Syros
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Summer Menu Tarsanas Taverna
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Winter Menu Tarsanas Taverna
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