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Mindful Eating E-course

3 ways to learn and teach Mindful Eating; e-learning, book and mindful eating instructor course. 8 weeks online course by Åsa Palmkron Ragnar doctor and Katarina Lundblad mindfulness teacher, both are also mindfulness instructors

Year: 2016

Web services provided:
Design and production of responsive WordPress website with e-course
Development of profile, business concept, visual identity and e-learning
Editing and structure of content
Interactive questionnaires
Mail serie
Set up and integration of service like hosting, google features, social media, Aweber, PayPal, S2Member…
Set up social media pages + social media campaigns
Manage site updates and maintenance
Support e-learning

Graphic design:
Profile images
Pdf files for e-course
Business cards
News letters
Templates for business letter, invoice etc.

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Design anweb logotype and profile Mindful Eating E-course
Design anweb Visual identity Mindful Eating E-course